Press Snippet Citation

  • "Clifton Hill is not short on bakeries, but Cavallini is a delight offering French and Italian pastries. Thankfully, if you want to sample more than just the cannoli there are two sizes to choose from. The small ones are a mouthful of crisp cinnamon-spiked heaven, stuffed with thick custard or ricotta and dusted with icing sugar. The shell is light, crunchy and beautifully spiced. Some places struggle to make the shell anything other than a vehicle for the filling, but at Cavallini that's what you will come back for..."
  • "Clifton Hill residents have adopted their own little piece of Europe at Cavallini, an artisan bakery, patisserie and espresso bar nestled in the quaint Queens Parade shopping strip....

    At Cavallini you’ll find wooden boxes in the window filled with fresh sourdough and olive bread, a counter lined with crispy pastries and several gold-rimmed cabinets filled with rolls of paninis, pizza slices and arancini. They sell a variety of traditional Italian and French sweets like biscotti, baci di dama and various flavours of macarons. But nothing quite rivals their specialty, the canoli – a Sicilian pastry dessert of sweet, smooth ricotta filling encased in a crisp, firm shell."

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